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Midnight Special Songtext

Yonder comes Miss Rosie/
How in the world do you know?/
Well, I know her by the apron and the dress she wore./
Umbrella on her shoulder,/
Piece of paper in her hand,/
Well, I'm callin? that Captain,/
"Turn a-loose my man."/


Let the Midnight Special shine her light on me./
Oh let the Midnight Special shine her ever-lovin? light on me./
When you gets up in the morning,/
When that big bell ring./
You go marching to the table/
You meet the same old thing./
Knife and fork are on the table/
Ain't nothing in my pan./
And if you say a thing about it/
You have a trouble with the man./


If you ever go to Houston,/
Boys, you better walk right,/
And you better not squabble/
And you better not fight./
Benson Crocker will arrest you,/
Jimmy Boone will take you down./
You can bet your bottom dollar/
That you're Sugarland bound./


Well, jumping Little Judy,/
She was a mighty fine girl./
She brought jumping/
To the whole round world./
Well, she brought it in the morning/
Just a while before day./
Well, she brought me the news/
That my wife was dead./
That started me to grieving,/
Whooping, hollering, and crying./
And I began to worry/
About my great long time.

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Huddie Ledbetter - Midnight Special
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