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Problem melden

The 3 Deaths of Lucky Songtext

In this film you'll find
The very worst of times
Have a habit of turning themselves around
Whether you're dying of thirst in the sonoran
Or about to drown in the puget sound
. . or just falling in and out of love

I was followed all the way in
By an irrestible full moon
Thought i'd never be seen again
Found myself lost up until noon
Then i was relieved of the desert scorch
Picked up by a pick-em-up truck way off course
Never had me a more beautiful day
Can't believe my luck

I was tossed out into the sea
Cold cold waters tried to redesign me
Tide would rather me stay on its side
Told me the undertow was the way to go
My clothes soaked it up
And down i'd go
Till fetched by a passer-by passing by
In a well worn chris-craft
First came the shout out
Then the life raft
So stunningly stuck
Can't believe my luck

Well, she was of a beauty this world has seldom seen
Very few could see it, if you know what i mean
The heart thrills by her side
Till the first tear spills
And heartache's in over ride

Well its eventually true
What the scribes have writ
Its better to have loved and lost
Then never have lived through it
How did i get so lucky?
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Lena Meyer-Landrut: Kein Bock mehr auf Social Media
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Howe Gelb - The 3 Deaths of Lucky
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