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I've tried so many chains to what I hate in life,
But nothing seems to get away from me
I've tried to get away from all the shit they taught me
And nothing changes, things remain the same
Mad and enraged, wrathful, annoyed
It's bullshit what they say, don't wanna be their roy
One last fix's waiting, I know that's not enough
I want more, anywhere, anyway

Their words are mistaken, they speak of ways of life
I don't care what it means to them
Anxious, desperate, drugged and out of control
I take to the streets in search of something more
I've given my whole life to the one's who exploit
My faith and my desires and I've gotten nothing back

And I don't follow rules 'cause they all piss me off
When I get nothing back
No way to accept a chance 'cause there's no difference
When I get nothing back

They crucify my mind and bet with my soul
I'm lost in the lost paradise, a paradise of lust
I stand apart from everything they offer in life
Their rules get on my nerves, hope they die
They want to delete my trace, cause they
Don't wanna face what the world has become
After their true illness
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