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Hocico - Untold Blasphemies Songtext

Come here my little son come I'll
Heal your sins
Come on tell me more come about the
House of filth
That you try to hide
How does it feel to touch your sister's lust?
She's just flesh like you family of hogs
Playing old games

Confess tell me why? You lie
Confess flesh is all you are, filth

Every touch it feels like a god s bite
Beat my body hardly don't ask me why

Crucify your lust, lick the hanging cross
Never walk out from me or you'll be lost

Fluids, brutality among the scum
Your mother's a bitch as well
Her place is not at home
Confess how your bodies dance
The dance of silent flesh
Confess how every night she's pleased
Hogs of sin playing old games
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Album Signos de aberración (2002)

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