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One Life, One Soul Lyrics


Gotthard - One Life, One Soul Songtext

I've Been Waiting, All My Life
For The Sun To Make It Mine
Callin' , Callin' , Whisperin' Your Name
Humm Right Now
You're On My Trail
Fallin', Fallin', Wishin' You Near
But Somehow
You Slipped Away
Like Ice In The Sun
Already Gone

One Life One Soul
Forever I Know
Follow Me Follow Me
Wherever I Go
One Life One Soul
Just Waiting To Flow
Follow Me Follow Me
Don't Let Me Go

I've Been Dreamin' For Too Long
Chasin' Rainbows, On My Own
Screamin' Screamin'
You Are The Wind In My Sail
In An Ocean So Wide
Over Good Times
Bad Times
I'll Be Your Own Guidin' Light
Holding Your Hand
Eyes Open Wide
Hum Always Beside
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