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Glee - It's Time! Songtext

all raise their heads high
coming up with my friends
raise your arms
because we have the pace

we are not perfect
but we have a musical rhythm
get ready for a party
living a crazy life
head up high
coming up with my friends

carry the rhythm in the
do not spoil
sings, shouts, lives
but do not waste it
a life full of rhythm
is what awaits you tomorrow

singing alone
sing in groups
but sing and feel the rhythm
head up high
raise your arms
it is time to show the pace
do not spoil

ignores all you discriminate
because you have the pace and they do not
sings singing in high
but you've got rhythm
they do not waste yours
feel the rhythm of your friends
feel it!

it's time to prove
takes the stage
sing like no one
shows what you know
because you have the rhythm
hear the applause

it's time go and prove it x3

sing like no one

it .. it's time!
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