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George Jones - The Lone Ranger Songtext

I'm tired of sitting home, sick of being all alone
Thought I'd just go for a drive
I was headed downtown, when I did me a turnaround
When I saw the neon sign
Happy hour two for one, sounded like a lot of fun
So I stopped and went inside
The next thing that I knew, I was sittin' on a barstool
Having the time of my life

Well, I had more silver bullets last night
Than the Lone Ranger
I was shootin' 'em down like I didn't have a care
Ignoring all the danger
Bless my soul this morning I awoke
In the arms of a perfect stranger
I had more silver bullets last night than the Lone Ranger

Did I fail to mention it wasn't my intention
To stay out all night long
I was gonna have a few but one round led to two
Next thing I knew I was gone
Well here's where I draw a blank, the band was playin' Hank
She rode in to save the day
And all I remember were kisses sweet and tender
And hi yo silver away

(Repeat chorus)
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