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Don't Stand so Close Songtext

Chorus x10
Don't stand, don't stand so close to me

(Lord Infamous)
You's the
Runnin' to the bitch that push you off cause we ???
When I'm shootin' pool I blush... on some ?
Lord and here comes the two to the three and four
Five six after seven
Fucked up, snorted out, drunk, and them I'm blown
But when we tear the club up
You best believe you won't come out that hole
Koo, when you hit the ones that's gone on the floor
Remind you ? fuck with my ????

(DJ Paul)
Nigga, it's the Tear the Club Up Thugs with the Gangsta Boo
>From Three 6 Mafia, Mafia now what'ch you wanna do
Gangsta party where the fuck
Lucky Luchi set 'em up
Put your goods in the back
A heavy boys get 'em up
Fools all up in my face
Want some baby, take my place
Or be in my shoes
Or find out it ain't that safe
Up in the club we clean house like a renovator
Bust to times in his mouth
My glock can't see you later

Chorus x8

(Juicy "J")
It's that nigga from the north
Smokin' on the short Newport
If you wanna get high with me
Roll a blunt and light the torch (nigga)
Strap it on my waste
3-5-7 nigga play
For you robbers who wanna rob
And you haters out to hate
Wave your guns up in the air
And cock 'em back if it's a must
If you don't give a fuck
Pull the trigger and let it bust (fool)
It's the Tear the Club Up Thugs
Buck it blast in your ?
Never ever showin' love
Just pullin' guns and poppin' slugs

(Gangsta Boo)
It's a two game table
Ok ya heard it from Fatal
But I'm not robbin' your cradle
I'm gettin' closer to be your neighbor
Available to any motherfucker who crossed my path
A wrath full of blood bath
Take it with questions asked
I leave you wet
Nigga, in ???
Waitin' for the next to run up with my bullet to ?
Be on my chest the Smith and Wesson got you niggas just guessin'
Will she leave a bloody mess with the family upsettin' (ugh)

Chorus x8

The fuckin' message that I'm stressin' is I don't fuck around
Cause on my side of town niggas beat the fuck outta clowns
Don't say no more
Open wide Roy, Leo's a lyin'
Got you cryin' cause excitement over shit that I'm writin'
I'm quick to take a bitch, nigga
Take the nigga bitch
Act scared, you done heard about the lady from the six
What you do know won't hurt you in the long run
What you do know that I keep 'em risin' like the sun, ask Crunchy
I'm a nigga know that's with me
How this lady got you bitches laid oh so easily
What you tryin' to be
A little naughty nigga that you not
Tryin' to get popped with the glock that I keep in stock
I can't be playin' with bitches
They can't be playin' with me
Cause I don't play with all the motherfuckers can't you see
I try too hard to be the pimpin' lady that I am
Pam Porter reporting you playa hatas
With a plan of gettin' ya

Chorus...till fade
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