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Chop Shop Songtext

" ay man check this joint right here out, man this joint cleaner than a man"
"oooh that joint bangin dog"
"check these 20's out on this bitch"
"ooo wee where'd you get these things from?"
"i got these joints today"
"ooo who the fuck is that?
" ay my nig, you got change for a hundred my nigga?"
" no i aint got it."
"ay man you betta give him the muthafuckin keys, he look serious"

Gangsta Boo: call my nigga project pat, dog i got the ends, i need 20's navigation 500s benz, real quick can i flip the script, i wanna be clean nigga, i wanna be seen nigga, come and make this cheese nigga. i know where the nigga lay, i know where the nigga stay, i know you can get him cause i fucked the boy the other day. dont to forget to beep me twice, when you get the prize, ill be sittin here proud waitin for tonight.

Project Pat: Im'a let the gun talk once i find where he limpin
War in the street if i catch his ass slippin, hope when i ask for his shit he start trippin, bullets pop off get his shit then im dippin, to your chop shop cause them cars you be flippin, Im'a get the one that'll fit your discription, must be the boy who you said who was chicken, hit u on the all cause this cheese i aint missin

Gangsta Boo: man look i dont really talk with foes they be tell, you jus make sure you get here and you get back, i got you for a minuit since you dont know where he stay, Winschester kings gate first left drive way, man jack up if you have to smack up bring the benz-o straight to me im a be relaxin in my mansion like you got the key, when i get the car im gonna take it to the? hit me when you finished whats the business are you diggin me?

Project Pat: i do crime anywhere, and escape like a deamon, say what you want for the cheese im your?. saw the trick ride in his hood lookin cleanly, benzo with e & g so im a skin him, neva saw the jack move but it was meanly, caught him at the light put the tone to his beam, blew his brains out by a d on the ceiling, things got a mess but i got away cleanly.
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Album Both Worlds *69

Gangsta Boo
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Gangsta Boo - Chop Shop
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