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Problem melden

Unrock Songtext

Aboard the plane
I watch the mermaids curl their tongues
Feel sick and thin
Got babies scheming here within
Got no memories
And no rescue from the seas
Feel ill at ease yo
It's all about to come

I feel like flying up against the sun
And I don't think that I am the only one
So put your souls on everyone
And give me some, and give me some

I am growing tame
And the cannibals keep having fun
They won't give me back, no
Won't give me back my head
So here we are
Out drying in the sun
I could plan a run
Or just stay and be done

Lilly Becker: Boris geht es “gut”
Vor 2 Tagen
Lilly Becker: Boris geht es “gut”
Sara Kulka würde gerne zu ‚Let’s Dance‘
Vor 2 Stunden
Sara Kulka würde gerne zu ‚Let’s Dance‘
Gabriel Rios - Unrock
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