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The Tale Of Neeris Songtext

The Tale Of Neeris


On a distant land, far away
Intense was the summer heat
When fate struck her to the heart

Here lies what is left of her body torn and broken.
It happened here today
In these golden, peaceful wheat fields.

She's staring at the sky
All of her dreams are gone now.
Her chidhood has been stolen
By wicked men of the Northern hills.

She's falling, new angel of hatred
She's losing, all of her conscience.
To follow a dark path of blood wrath
And all she wants is vengence.

Her heart had turned to stone
No more smiles, so more cries
She had to grow so fast
Anger and sorrow filled her eyes.

She's falling, new angel of hatred
She's losing, all her righteousness
The dark path is here, a bloodbath.
Revenge is what she wants, no less


Day after day
Her courage and strenght getting stronger.
Training so hard
Have made her become a fierce warrior
Armored with steel
Her sword as light as a feather
No chance for the men she will fight.

Hear her cry of war
It's the last thing you'll hear.

She's the only one remaining alive
At the end of the battle raging.
Never show your back or death will arrive
When you'll feel her deadly grasp.

Day after day
Destroying all in the country
Working so hard
To find one of her worst enemy
Then with the steel
She'll make him pay with long agony
No chance for this man who will die.

The torment that fills her heart
And the sorrow of her soul
Can only be appeased by each blow...
Of her... sword.

Hear her cry of...


It hunts me every nights
A dream a cannot fight.
I'm afraid to close my eyes
All I feel and see are lies.

In that dream i'm on a throne
Made of flesh and human bones.
A deadly smile on my face.
No mercy for the human race.

I wanna break free from this endless dream
I can't believe I become this evil queen.
Please release me from this endless dream.
I want to forget all these things I have seen.

In that dream i'm on my horse
Striking with a hellish force
Bodies falling all around me
It makes no sense at all to me.

In that dream I see myself die
Too much pain I can only cry
What have I done to deserve this
There must be something I have missed.

I made men pay the price for things they haven't done.
But my heart is a cold as ice and my pity's on the
I'm a prisonner of my own sleep and this time, it's oh
So deep.
I'm under lock and key, it's so bad the jailer is me.

I wanna break free...


I'm aware of who I am
A war machine dressed to kill
I think of what I left behind
I found nothing, nothing but a chill.

I'm afraid of what I'll be
Queen of death, that's for sure
I'm at the point of no return
It's now too late to find a cure.

There's a poison running trough my veins
Dark thoughts invading my brain
When I'll get my vengence, sweet caress
I'll get out of this mess, I promise

Now that I found their shelter
I can achieve my tasks
I'll never forget the laughter
They will see who hides behind the mask.

I'm not proud of all that past
It will follow me forever
With forgiveness, I guess it won't last
I will never, never surrender

I have learned that you never win
Even if the other dies
You must fight the enemy within
There is no compromise.

There's a poison...

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