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Cold Heart Songtext

Cold Heart

Sitting back against a tree of tears
This loneliness is what I fear.
I'm looking silently at the night sky.
I am still searching the reason why...
You left me this way without a world to say
I thought our love would never fade away.

The stars don't shine anymore
Since you have passed away
Life on a battlefields, death and decay.
It's the dream , we are fighthing for?
Is this price we have to pay
For freedom and liberty.
I remember well your face that day.

Fade away, fade away
Our love just faded away
Far away, far away
You're just so far away
Oh, God give me the strenght to stay
Life must go on , it's the only way

It's hard for me to accept that you're gone
A farewell my love, tell me how long?
This tragic destiny tears me apart
Never realized it could break my my heart.

Last night , I dreamt of you by my side
Still you're waiting for me on the other side
I know that one day , we'll be together again
I guess it's goodbye until then goodbye my love.

Fade away...
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