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Problem melden

Shotgun Blast Songtext

He's got a whip-scarred centerfold
In the trunk of his car
Pocket full of spices
To go with the sore
It's he who's got
The crania and the remnants
What would he have done
If suffocation wasn't portable
Pages of the memory
Torn out disappeared
As did the severed limbs

Buckshots conflagrated the arteries
In a 210 bpm cardiac march
A carcass of alcohol enraptures
In a 60/40 combustion/evaporation
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Vor 2 Tagen
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Depeche Mode: Nach Todesfall zurück im Studio
Vor 20 Stunden
Depeche Mode: Nach Todesfall zurück im Studio

Album Department of Apocalyptic Affairs (2000)

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Fleurety - Shotgun Blast
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