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Barb Wire Smile Songtext

As in the fairytales the eerietales
The scarytales the oh so weary tales
There is a place where the outdated sweethearts go as in becoming one
With the vicious whirlwind
As in couldn't have cared less as in courting the barbwire smile as in where will
That grinnygrin be when you're waltzing about in stenchdrench
As in how could you be so careless as in watching
The spleenscreen
The snowscreen there's snow on my screen
And it's the story of a lifetime as in there is a carnage
Where the dead darlings go as in I wouldn't I don't wanna'
As in I'm not there as in another sphere
As in not being a victim not a superstar
As in as if
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Album Department of Apocalyptic Affairs (2000)

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Fleurety - Barb Wire Smile
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