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Fabolous - Slow Down Songtext

[Hook: , Fabolous]
Wanna be your #1 fan, but from the stage
Know it's hard to see way up in the stands
I understand, but damn
Wishing I could be that one man, but you juggle
Way too many of them with one hand
I understand, but damn

First Verse, Fabolous:
Slow down baby, let me be your yellow light
The way we met is wrong, let me say hella-right
You need a yellow light, a break from this ghetto life
The way I roll make the haters want them yellow dice
She said what matters is that Gucci, plus stilettos nice
And when you slap this ass, it shake like Jello, right?
What I like, roll them cigarellos tight
I nicknamed her big chicken and yellow rice
Pretty brown skin, long blonde hair
She know they talking but she never gon' care
Cause when you roll with trash-talkers
That's what you gon' hear
I can't imagine what fall upon Lebron's ear.
Always been the girl that didn't have to wait in line
Niggas buy her watches just for making time
They say "give it up" I never had to ask
Call her the stick up girl that never wore a mask
Baby, ain't you tired of life in this fast lane?
Packing luggage, rushing, trying to catch the last plane?
There's some dudes who take pride in trying to gas dames
The same dudes will see her and give they last name
Funny how I became the apple of her eye
She's from the South and I'm a rapper from NY
Don't get me wrong: lil mama love "Trap or Die"
But through it all she kept her watch on the dapper guy
And fell in love with a 2009 verse
She said before we met, I fucked her in her mind first
We crossed paths, a mixture of karma and luck
I walked in strong, mentally calming my nuts
I got em swarming and stuck, she call me illin cut
You know me I can spot a swan from a duck
My approach? Smoother than an Armani tux
The diamonds going off like the alarm on a truck
Small talk, warming her up, palming her cup
She told me I make her laugh and I'm charming as fuck
But for now she had to go, the chat just quickly changed
She was chilling, now she leaving, that was kinda strange
Asked "can we meet again?" She said "that can be arranged"
And I'm sure we both have phone numbers that can be exchanged
We did, she slid and that will be explained
But for now she hopped into a Platinum-colored Range
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