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Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside Lyrics


Fabolous - Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside Songtext

Check my resume, look back at my past to this present day
Always been a pirate who been tryna find what treasure lay
Castle on the hill, far from where the peasants stay
Steel in sock drawer, my dresser is where the desert lay
Put the Audemar away, today feel like a present day
Raindows in my diamonds, you would think my bezels gay
Passion, Pain, Pleasure, Trey knocking in the Escalade
Ii be in the drivers seat, my passenger name is Desirae
36 24 40 what her measure say
Here today, gone tomorrow and I just met her yesterday
We already eating yall tryna make reservae
We making movies while yall sit on couches pressing play
Mmoney aint on your mind, what you thinking doesn't count
Ii did sneaker boxes, now I does accounts
Sstill keep it hood aint no half way shit
Can do a suit with a fitted on some draft day shit
Aand maybe I'm too busy to hear what the talent blind say
In the club buying roses like its valentines day bitch
They find them niggas in a meat locker soon
Have their mommas crying like they in the heats locker room wassup!


Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside
Yyou catch that body nigga better have that alibi
You never know it might just be your time to that ride
Tto them pearly white gates watch that suicide

Who am I? nudy fly with a cutie pie
Burning pot, turtle top watching cooley high
Shoot high, one in your calf like the boobie got
Suit and tie then comit suicide like he knew to die
Haaa, Bright lights I vision
House full of birds I'm like Mike Tys' with pigeons
Wwhite mics religion if not ice and linen

You gave me your word then that right price was giving
Trend setters, Hamptons live better
In the mansions lamping, plaid pants a thin sweater
Top floor gusevoir see me with bench pressers
Slimes that push weight but aint hit the gym never
Like quarters got red orders
Bags over bags stash house look like horters
Avon home tell marlo these my corners
Matress tight walls we snatching wife daughters
Only dimes keep on my time sheet
Catch a jukes hit with the biscuit for that 9 piece
Already marketing plan it never my minds sleeps
Lime green headphones, Jimmy I need some Slime Beats


[Lloyd Banks]
Moneys the focus, ashtray's to the top a hundred roaches
Pretty head on hotel sofas in this town of dreams and hopers
Dont approach us, watch the common stretchers lead to comas
Sold out shows and Louie shoulders, way I rap I need a bonus
Who can hold us? the OG rollers New York city's coldest
Sour diesel, weed aromas, numb of casualties of soldiers
My position, remains the same while niggas change and switching
Politics from famous living, heavy chains and brainless women
Place to swim in, 22 spinning leather grace the linen
If you find a space forgive em, gangstas cant erase the sinning
Ducking po po, the 2k winners Banks, Vado, and Loso
Brooklyn, Queens, to Harlem 44 slip around here you'll be promo
I'm fresh, designer down to sweats prolly grip the thousand x
My style whats next, booshe hound next to the housing jets
Life reflects from big diamonds domino with calmer flow
Feel like I'm popping shit, rounding homicide everytime I go
Thousand dollar tipping, Impala whipping recline and go
Pounding out ya sister then give her pound, time to roll

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