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Queen of thoughts Songtext

Maybe I changed
Cause the darkness seems so kind
I don't fear anything
Maybe I lie
But if no one cares about I'll always be that high

I close my eyes until I see
I feel your love until I bleed
I got the strangest deal
That I ever made with me

Hey, you're still mine
Your kiss is only air
But baby I feel fine
It's all inside my dreams
And there's nothing you could say
But I know what it means
You're still in my bed
Your ghost fills my head
Cause I remember anything
You're mine though you're not
My sweet queen of thoughts
It's all enough I'll just close my eyes

If this is the chance to feel you again
This life won't give it up
If this is the game that swallows the pain
This Lie I won't give it up

Maybe I'll wake and the world is as it is
The end of every fake
Would I be mad cause I spent some time with you
All inside my little head

You'll wake in my bed or sleep there instead
As long as I can still think of you
You're mine though you're not my sweet queen of thoughts
And I'll be happy for myself

If this is ...
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Entropy - Queen of thoughts
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