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Living in a loop Songtext

I am at the core
Hear the words I missed to say before
Take the pill and it will hurt no more
Somewhere on the way
Someone told me not to be afraid
This is not the place where you should be

Break it down
I'ts time
To build up something new
All the ones in line are living in a loop

I am at the core
Knowing all the things you're longing for
As you're lying trembling on the floor
Somewhere on the way
Someone had a light inside his face
Telling me that everything's o.k.

Break it down ...

Baby said she likes surprises
Think I got a great one
Yes, a great one
Listen to me
Would you ... f... listen to me
Get your face off the floor, can you
No, ... .OK.. just listen
What I'm talking bout this ... ah ...
Let's leave this place
Get in the car ... go somewhere else
Maybe ... maybe where the sea is
To sit there doing nothing at all
Relaxing ... having a cigarette
Or what
Don't you like my plan ...
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Entropy - Living in a loop
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