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Drastic Measures Lyrics


Eminem - Drastic Measures Songtext

Yo I'm two faced, Bugged the **** out like Mr Furley
So when I swing a fist of fury y'all can kiss the jury
Scrap back the **** up we miss the brewery
Hurry Im tryin to pick up Cage's sister early
Me n greed smoke weed and OD
We're so keyed there's no need to stop the nosebleed
I need a casket, I killed some conceded bastard
And beat his *** with a bat wrapped in a sheet of acid
A pre-disaster

Your styles monotonous like warren job is
I come to the battle and beat you with foreign objects
Im dumber than oklahoma ignoring bomb threats
Im dumber than trying to start a war with 'nam vets
My metaphors are like a set of jaws
I get applause, cos people would rather hear mine instead of yours
Still on the run from stabbing a ***** in the side
So Im hitching this ride with the motherfuckin indiginous tribe
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