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I Knew the Bride . . . Songtext

Well, the bride looked a picture in the gown that her momma wore,
When she was married herself nearly 27 years before.
She had to change the style a little, but it looked just fine.
They stayed up all night but they got it finished just in time.

Now on the arm of her daddy she's awalking down the aisle,
And she catches my eye and she gives me a secret smile.
Maybe it's too old fashioned, but we once were close friends.
But the way that she looks today, she never could have then.

Well, I can see her now in her tight blue jeans,
Pumping all her money in the record machines,
Spinning like a top, you should have seen her go.
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll.

Now a proud daddy only wants to give his little girl the best
So he put down a grand on a cozy little lovers' nest.
You could call the reception an unqualified success.
At a flash hotel, 450 guests.
Take a look at the bridegroom smiling breezes by.
Shaking hands all around with a glassy look in his eye.
He's got a real good job and his shirt and tie are nice,
But I remember a time when she never would have looked at him twice.

Well, I can see her now, drinking with the boys,
Breaking their hearts like they were toys.
She used to do the pony, she used to do the stroll,
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll.

Well, I can see her now with her headphones on,
Jumping up and down to her favorite song.
She used to love to party, she used to want to go.
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll.
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Album Get It (1977)

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Dave Edmunds - I Knew the Bride . . .
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