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My Kinda Party Songtext

Party til I black out, that's how I do
So when I wake up in the morning bloody, that's my excuse
It's like a scavenger hunt, finding all the body parts
Piece 'em all back together neatly, that's when the fun starts
I'm a motherfucking Juggalo, deep in my DNA
Raising fools from the dead P.A.R.K
With a handful of who know what straight to the dome
Fuck pennies doin' brain race from home to home
You bitches!

Anybody wanna get another way to make em want his head
Make em really wanna die today and find a way
To take another bite but I gotta start grinds away
Have 'em all over the house, and they never gonna figure it out
And if some-body, ever go like we, really nobody underground
I just wanna go town to town
I got nothing but murder on the mind
With a face with a frown, now everybody in this bitch get down
I ain't never, have never, will ever, not sever
My endeavors of murdering all of my party guests

Murder! Death! My kind of party
Fuck! You! That's how I roll
Living! Dead! My kind of army
Dark! Lotus! Out of control

Get it started with an axe to the forehead
Blood flowin' everywhere another motherfucker dead
Take his brains out, get to munchin'
Like a luncheon, fuck assumptions
I am the cannibal on the hunt
And the party ain't startin' til I'm gettin' some
Blood on my tongue, flesh in my teeth
I cut the fat off, get the beat
Another sacrifice gotta feed this appetite
Lotus party and I'mma do it right
Get your hands up for the brethren
Party startin', where you headin'?
To the plot like panties spreadin'
Rise the deady, come on buddy

I'm killin' like Jason, my machetes swinging fast now
Hacked so many bodies, I'm tired I'm finna pass out
Gotta shake it off with a jumping jack
Gotta limber up quick, fast cat like reflex
Swift like a ninja disappear then I'll reappear
Only for a second, long enough to chop necks
Dark Lotus and we're back in this bitch
Like a size 12 belt on a 50 inch waist
So tired in this motherfucker deep like uppers
With enough room just to paint our face
Five petals with the thirst for blood
And we straight from swamp and we're looking to rock shit
My kinda party with an axe in one hand
Machete in the other, box cutter in my pocket

Dragonfly wings on my back Lotus sign in the sky
I sit up on a mountain sippin' rock and rye
I got sap in my blood goo and a swamp under water
Minutes after my seed hatched, learned how to slaughter
Crystal Ball shatters you'll be seek out the (Lotus)
Tale cards catch fire, we know your desire
Stare at us in disgust, your skull will combust
Ka-boom! Forever Dark Lotus!
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Album Mud Water Air & Blood (2014)

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Dark Lotus - My Kinda Party
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