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Garden of Evil Songtext

The Lotus has returned

Surprise! While everything dies
Lotus return again, it's that time
Evil takes, Satan grows powerful
It can't be stopped or held anymore
Locked in the garden of evil with no keyhole
Full blossom, in bloom was the prequel
From seed to flower, second, minute, an hour
Comets caught and devoured by the power

In the cursed room has planted evil seeds
In the land far from removed from Adam and Eve
Fertilizing in your bed and with the serpent's blood
Life starts to form as the rain hits mud
The only one sole purpose for this creation
Annihilation, not of evil world domination
As the sprout takes form the angels cry
It's the man with a cross on his face and there's Lotus in the sky

Reaching up out the Earth
Plants of the Lotus give birth
Hot rain in the sky
Grown overnight, our DL's high
La la la la la, Garden of Evil's, alive! They say the good die young, we'll be some old bastards, fuck it
Cause we gon' be evil till the day we kickin' the bucket
Blossom from the garden, upon it he wore
Dreams, a monster under your bed
You're awake, you're waiting for me
With one eye open, I'm planting and sprouting vines
That produce rotten fruits then decompose inside your mind
Overcome by growth, as we proceed to harvest people
We the cultivators of your nightmares, garden of evil!

Full blossom, I grow from the garden of evil
My weeds reaching for the red moon just like my people
Emerging from the dirt, dark roots from under
We'll bleed red blood through our leaves, shouldn't come here
For those who witness our growth, can't forget this
Our pollen is lethal as you breathe in the sickness
The garden that spawned us pulls back into the dirt
The five brothers of Dark Lotus are back on Earth

Return of the sick petals
My Lotus is solid as thick metal
Emotional spit, rebel rebellin' against devils
Who come with offense
Level your whole shit
Come but it grips, better than mince
Whether your storm hits, I never miss it or fuck with the norm
It's Dark Lotus, perform to reborn
We got the mask on
Lookin' to turn you all into pathstones
Protect the garden by any means (Better pass on)
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Dark Lotus - Garden of Evil
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