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Boys Will Be Boys Lyrics


Danger Danger - Boys Will Be Boys Songtext

Little Girl, Sweet 16, oooh you're every schoolboy's dream
Runnin? hot, blowin? cold, Get ready for an overload
Turn it On, Loosen up, too much is never enough
Feel the heat, start to rise, Baby open you're door and let me inside

Whoa-oh, I'm like a loaded gun
Whoa-oh, waitin? for the night to come
Whoa-oh, oh I got my eye on you
I gotta do what I gotta do

Boys Will Be Boys
Every day and all night long
Boys Will Be Boys
Here today, by the mornin?, I'll be gone
Boys Will Be Boys

I play for keeps, I lay to win
How ?bout a ticket to a night of sin
Time is short, so start the show
Honey, give me your lovin? and don't let go



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