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On the Beach Songtext

I can think of nothing better
Than dancing on the beach
See a girl, you can go and get her
Your troubles will be out of reach

*(On the beach) You can dance to a rock 'n' roll
(On the beach) Hear the Bossa Nova, played with soul
(On the beach) You can dance, twist and shout
(On the beach) Everybody hear me come on out
On the beach (Come on, everybody, stomp your feet)
On the beach (You can dance with anyone you meet)
'Cause your troubles are out of reach
On the beach

Umm, this is fun
Umm, won't you tell me
I'm the one you're gonna dance with
Yeah, Bossa Nova!

Umm, this is fun
Umm, now I know
I'm the one you're gonna dance with
Yeah, twist and shout now!

You can do the dance that you want to
With anyone that you meet
And if the Bossa Nova doesn't get you
The twist will have you on you feet

(Repeat *)
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Cliff Richard - On the Beach
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