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Poeny Pink Songtext

Charmingly bloomed,
Peony Pink,
Popular everywhere,
Please give my pale face some color!

If one falls in love, even when all alone,
Small hearts in that situation completely overflow!

Secretly gazing at you,
Each of those times,
The world let out a sigh.

Shining in the morning dew
Peony Red,
It looks like flames, doesn't it?
Bowed in weakness, you enflame every day.

You are kind to everyone,
It's frustrating, but I can't help but think of it with pride.

All girls,
In a secret garden,
Proceed to become beautiful.

Singing clearly,
Peony Pink,
A fluttering sigh,
Bare lips, softly touched by a butterfly.

In your eyes,
More that anyone else's,
Aah, I want to stay.

Charmingly competing,
Peony Pink,
For your sake,
A smile makes the most wonderful me.

Charmingly bloomed,
Peony Pink,
For my sake,
A smile makes the most wonderful me
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