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The Saga Songtext

[kung fu sample]
Don't mention that
We've never learned each other's style
It's always the way we've done it
[Intro: Cilvaringz]
Back to the grain, back that shit real loud
Loud as possible, kid, the saga begins right here
Shaolin Europe, bangin' that Wu shit
Yo, son, I've went from, ambicious workshops, blocks at home
To being phoned and invited by Quincy Jones to Rome
I never did it for them diamond stones
I'd rather expand the lives of black kids in Sierra Leone, being
Robbed naked to bones, by arm makers, they homes
Bombs taken and blown, so what you blinging for?
You singing war, bringing forth support
For the onslaught, so you can sport a karat
See that's sickening, you suck mentally dude
Deep and teethed by them custom Bentley's, and memberships are quick and sently
You roam the earth naked if you can't sport a Fendi
I'm merciless to keep it trendy, so sue me, you tabloid groupie
My Little Pony, bet Pretty Toney got that brand new gold, bitch
Desert eagle bracelet, bigger than most of you
But still I'm like 'fuck the gold', like I'm suppose to
[show sample]
If society didn't care about, who you are and what you are
We would all be driving Volkswagen, you know, but
Society does, kind of bling-bling, quote on quote
Speaks to you, like if you wearing a lot of bling
And you spending a lot of money, that means you're really succesful
Doing what you're doing
Most the diamonds that I buy
Come from, Africa
You see, I talk what I know, I speak what is shown
For the weak and the poor, I weap through the poem
In this modern day Rome, G-Dub is Nero
Set ablaze Arabia, supporting Ground Zero
Time running, tick tock, here me yo
Flex play me yo, don't ban Wu-Tang from radio
It's bad enough, that brothers supress brothers
Shut the world on others, who carry a different skin color
And get knowledge doing it, ruin it
Promote the pharaoh lifestyles, and the sabotage music
And fuck rap, son, it's rap, by far
I check for Shady/Aftermath, Mobb Deep and Nas
Salah Edin, K-West, Jigga Man, DMX
Plus Missy Elliott, but that's that, for real
Cuz see rap spoke on Brooklyn and spoke out on Paris
But now it speaks on Navice, the streets of the masters
And RZA gon' ride with my shit, cuz we brothers
And labels gon' wild out this year, come on
[show sample]
The terror of being, being captured by a force like this
Uh... force higher, drugs and alcohol
With... murderous intentions, most of been terrorfying to people
Who were captured that day. thousands of civilians
Were killed over a course of just a few days, during this operation
Yo, you see I came up on Eazy-E and D-R-E
S-N Double-O P and and S.C.C.
In '93, I'm 13 years young
Rocking the LP by WTC tongues
Dutch sawed in the shape of swords, boxed you
Found trafficking the gods and swords, so I came through
Moms always saying 'keep praying', Allah gave you
A blessing for the shady of snakes
You see rap lost focus, your lost opus
In fact my whole team supreme, but now I'm hopeless
And devil money finally came through and broke it down
The nine duelist, and bitch dog soloist
It pissed me off, I'm pissed off still
Wu-Tang, the gift and the curse, for real
Wu-Tang, ten years, forty mill
That's four mil a year, more grills to kill
Yo let's, save the music, for the sake of children
And ease off the women and bring it back to building
So why the fuck won't ya'll listen?
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
Vor 2 Tagen
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
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Ed Sheeran dachte über Rücktritt aus der Musikbranche nach

Album I (2007)

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Cilvaringz - The Saga
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