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The Epic of Bitter Triumph Songtext

[Intro: Cilvaringz]
Another chapter in the book of triumph
Came a long way son, shit don't -
Determination is the weapon of choice
And all could be accomplished, through the knowledge
Yo, allow me to demonstrate the skills of Shaolin
Demonstrate defiance, livin' for bitter triumphs
I cross seas to achieve reality
And swung guillotine's at the God Prince Rakeem
36 Chamber Danger, and view from a young God's perspective
Started building since I was neglected
But my circumference, they want Top Forty chart shit
So, fuck being a Dutch product
I stole CREAM just to fly to New York
Acknowledge myself, but watch my feet while they walk
On the path of patience, I was waiting
Goin' through my trials and tribulations
Could it be, I was born to fail, and nailed to the cross
Of impersonations, living the life of false hope
And fake dreams, to play schemes at great speed
But not fast enough, cause I find my only destiny
[Chorus: x2 Cilvaringz]
This is the epic of my bitter triumph, fight it
The temple's sending us through heavy storms and lightning
Box with titans, for the Clan, I'm a die trying
That's why I live in Wu, in every form of science
Cilva's back in the black, gat key in front the office
Shop with Razor Sharp, like I fight 18 Bronzemen
Assault, yo, never bid a sword of my brothers
Just did the knowledge to the Ten Shadow Boxers
Hope they love us, started prayin' for a wonder
Flashback to the Swarm party last summer
My brother Suicide, contemplates Wu will die
I'd give both my eyes to meet B.O.B.B.Y.
The Clan is everything I strive for
And I will die for it in my war, like Killarmy
With the God Moon to turn it, my heart burn it
Slid it through the streets of Staten Island like a serpent
And searchin' the Gods, filled with the sharpest darts
Fully decked in the Wu Garment Renaissance
Just to be spotted on the dotted line
My sister vibe, basically awaiting for my time to come and shine
So now I'm back in New York, fuck it, I'm gon' wait
Near the Temple all day, with a sharp demo tape
For years it was blessed, when in tears, so the God must of got
All the darts that I left in Wu-Wear
I'm kinda tired, it must happen now
I beg Allah to send one of his blessings angels down
I'm mentally worn out, I'm close to givin' up
Invest my last rent into the True And Living God
And then she came in the form of Sophia
The savior got the God from the heart of Medina
I feel born again, with a heart of fire
While Bobby Steels, borns the epic of my bitter triumph
The rest of it, is history
From that day, I live my life as the first European Killa Bee
My heart goes out to Sophia
Vince, and Linda Hamlin, rest in peace
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
Vor 2 Tagen
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
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Ed Sheeran dachte über Rücktritt aus der Musikbranche nach

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