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Sample Dat Ass Songtext

Chingy and Murph durph

[Chorus] (2X)
Ooo Ooo
Let me get a sample of that ass, Ooo Ooo
I ain't +Mystikal+ but girl, +Shake it Fast+, (Don't stop, get it, get it)
Ooo Ooo, You think I can come over and smash?
Ooo Ooo, Don't stop, get it get it (Do what you do)

The club be packed, Hey, send me a bottle of that
It's hella ass, some with glitter and exotic tats
You know my stats, superfly, MAC
I'm in the back getting worked by this girl named Cognac, matta fact
I want to take her home, the reefer got me in the zone
Intentions to bone, we all alone, by ourself
This ain't a strip club, but she act like it
Ever seen her, bowling pins dawg, she stacked like it
Now I'm at the bar, chicks treating me like a star
In my face, asking questions, and can they ride in my car
I'm law, so authorities can't pin me for shit
Hey baby, see me and you, we can pack it up and split
Let's go, forget Motel 6, we can go to the Mariot
I see it in her eyes, man a girl getting very hot
I'm packing like a 357, so I keep magnums
Keep it real, cause you will never find out if you don't ask em, Is we tagging?


[Murphy Lee]
If your ass is fat and you know it, clap your hands
Wearing those pants, I'll be damned if I'm iss my chance to advance
I'm in a tan, what's the name, I own some whatchamacallits
They keep spinning and spinning, hey man, What do you call it?
Got a 1-5 jersey, on the go with them wheels
Look at it wiggle wiggle, she say it's all in the heels
You a damn lie girl, I think it's all in the skills
And for real, I think you practicing on what pay the bills
You be confused man, I look picky as hell
Never trust a big butt, that smile like Ricky Bell
What the hell?, Murphy rather pay to get out of jail
Cause if she tell me to pay, somebody better pay my bail
Matta fact, I'ma pay myself, my own money
Mr. long money, even after I loan money
I own honey's mentals man, I'm in they mouth so much
God damn, I pay for dental plans, man


Get it, get it girl, it's your world, I'm a squirrel, (squirrel)
Searching for a nut, so more than scissors I cut, (cut)
You can be a slut (slut), hoochie lady, or housewife, (wife)
A real man gon' want to hit it, it's hanging out, right? (right)
Ladies don't get offended, when he tell you that you're thick, (you are)
And he wouldn't mind coming over about six
If you like the smooth, let him, you don't dig em? Don't sweat 'em
You want 'em? Play like your panties and t-shirt and let 'em wet 'em

[Murphy Lee]
Hey yo, my ladies come in +Dueces+ like +Staley+ and +McAllister+
Came up with the 'Tics, they help me not fall like banisters
Sammy Sosa's got traded for Ken Griffey's
And when we roll, the L's stay lit, like Missy
Plus I stay busy, like kids, I call it biz
And if it is what it is, I'm on your head like wigs
I'm a rapping Taye Diggs, I give the women they groove back
When it comes to the wood, I'm the best man to use that


Chingy, Murph durph, uh uh
Let me get a sample of that ass
Murph durph and, Chingy, what they, say?, uh
Let me get a sample of that ass, S-T-L
St. Louis, north side
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Chingy - Sample Dat Ass
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