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Stone Pony Blues Songtext

Baby saddle my pony, saddle up my black mare
I'm gonna find a rider, baby, in the world somewhere

Hello central, what's the matter with your line?
Come a storm last night, tore the wire down

Got a brand new Shetland, man, already trained
Just get in the saddle, tighten up on your reins

And a brown-skinned woman like somethin' fit to eat
But a jet black woman, don't put your hands on me

Took my baby, to meet the mornin' train
And the blues come down, baby, like showers o' rain

I got somethin' to tell you when I get a chance
I don't wanna marry, just wanna be your man
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Album Primeval Blues, Rags, and Gospel Songs (2005)

Charlie Patton
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    Frankie and Albert
Charlie Patton - Stone Pony Blues
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