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Never Forget Songtext

I can't forget you, you can't forget me, they can't forget them, they can't forget me
Because, we don't meet us anymore.
But time will set no borders, no space left for us
In a world, where gods are gangsters and the rich get richer.
We have to face our non patriotic flag,
Drawn with blood & ourselves divine flowers,
For hope, for peace,
To end the struggle, that tears us apart.
An island is far, in our boat sounds the cry
For gods that don't hear the voices,
For stars that never could be reached,
Just a silent scream.
They're getting older and they mostly don't believe in themselves,
They're hiding behind the fances.
Where everyone can see their blockheads.
I'll never forget the time, where we laid drugged in our rehearsal room,
Where family's home, kids are growing
Time runs at least in a time, where we should destroy the quickness for our life,
Remember the birth of tolerance works in your head,
Never forget it, you can't forget me, I can't forget you.
Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
Bubonix - Never Forget
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