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Do You Lyrics

This is Shaham

Do you know what it feels like?
Do you know when the time is right
To go your very own way?
No matter what they say

Faiz:I was never the one to do the things other people do
I'm the one to decide if what I do is cool
Sha: Never do I listen to what my parents tried to tell me
A regular nine to five is not a part of my dream
Hila: I always dig my own thing sat my own kind of trends
I like buyin' new sneakers and big baggy pants
Faiz: I like going to the movies with a girl in my arm
Hila: I like boys that are cute with lots of charm
I like going to a party and dance a night away
Faiz: Sometimes I stay in bed and I sleep all day
Hila: And if I don't like something, I'll be quick to let you know
All: And this is how the story goes!

Chorus x2

Giovanni: I'll always be curious about the whole lot of stuff
And my motto is don't stop until you get enough
Hila: If I see something that I like, I go and grab it
And if I can't get it on the same day
Indira: Ey, there'll be another one just don't sell it
You have to keep your head up and go for your dreams,
Sometimes a little harder than what it may seem
Ross: Do believe in yourself and go for what you know,
Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow
There are moments in your life, you wanna scream out loud,
And the others may wonder what this is all about
All: It's just us six getting ready for the show
And this is how the story goes

Chorus x3

Everyone ya'll can hit on me,
But can't now, even if you'll put your weight on me
You feel me cause I'm out on my own with it
And don't get mad cause I didn't needed you to get it
Every and than I hold it down each day,
And make sure I do my own thing my own way,
So listen up, you can hit if you want to,
Freak if you want to, But you can should never ever turn me into you!

Chorus x3

Do you
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Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Sarah Connor will zurück auf die Bühne
Bro'Sis - Do You
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