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Salem Lyrics

The first one asked me for money
The second asked me for change
That was a pointed question
Very naïve for a woman her age
Everyone values opinions
Leastwise that's what you think
I turned around, dumbfounded, and skittered away

I was up all night watching
A case on court TV
I heard the whole sob story
And sided with justice eventually
The defendant was humble and gracious
There in his front row seat
Biding his time, expecting nothing from me

They had shiny ideas
Round like something to say
But there's no use diving for pearls
In the shallow part of the world

Consider the case of Salem
Nineteen women were burned
They were a threat to all the God-fearing souls
Determined to live in a God-fearing world
Maybe those women were witches
The incantations and spells
Just flew away
So what if they never returned

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