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Though Bob Hillman may like to have fun with words and employ irony and humor to entertain his listeners, he above all tries to say something interesting about the way we live now. On Welcome to My Century, his second collection of honest, literate songs, Bob revitalizes timeworn themes by getting at them from unusual angles. For example,the works of Tolstoy provide the backdrop for a song about a romantic evening in New York City ("Tolstoy"), and geographical and political facts about Greenland inform the story of the disintegration of a relationship ("Greenland"). In "Bolted Down," he turns an absurdist's eye on the neuroses of city dwellers.

Produced by Tommy West in his studio, Somewhere in New Jersey, Welcome to My Century features some of New York City's finest musicians,including guitarist Dave Schramm, who has worked with Freedy Johnston, Richard Buckner, Yo La Tengo, and the Replacements. West, who produced and played piano on all of Jim Croce's recordings, adds vocal harmonies and shares keyboard duties with organist Brian Mitchell. Bob has showcased in many of the country's best-known listening rooms and theaters, including San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium, where he opened a sold-out show for Suzanne Vega in March 2001.

By the end of 2001, he will have opened more than twenty dates for Ms. Vega in the Midwest and on the East Coast. He has also opened for, among others, like-minded singer-songwriters Freedy Johnston and Dan Bern. Bob won the songwriting contests at the 2001 Sisters Folk Festival and at the 1999 Tucson Folk Festival. He is a regular at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. Sliced Bread Records released Playing God, Bob's debut album, in 1998. It was favorably reviewed in Sing Out!, Music Reviews Quarterly, and other periodicals, and received airplay on a handful of radio stations around the country. New York DJ Vin Scelsa championed "Everyone's An Actor in New York," an insightful, comic take on the endless proliferation of actors, writers, and other artists in.

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