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3 Evil Wizards Songtext

They call me Martin Broad Cloak right hand to the good man
The sorcerer supreme Randall Flagg understand
I ain't no Stephen Strange punk, save the suckas like a chump
Got to light my second sight, my vision's bright of in the night
Speak in tongues like lord Voldemort
Hit you with a cruciatus spell just for sport
Done my puppet in every action
Bending your body in a ways you never thought could happen
And I'm laughing, that's for pure satisfaction
I shape shift into a snake like tossing doom
And hypnotize a party while I slither around the room
Scope you with my third eye, on a first try
Cross paths with the three evil wizards and you'll die

(We blow your mind)
Three evil wizards
Coming at you like sorcerers
We are sorcerers
(Kabada kabuda kaba
My wand erase the sky)

(We blow your mind)
Three evil wizards
Coming at you like sorcerers
We are sorcerers
(Kabada kabuda kaboom
You face impeding doom)

My powers passed to unknown, my magic from the freak zone
I keep it underground and practice hexes with the rat bones
Some people say that I'm half possessed
Cause I'm ninja like and have no regrets
I'm the sorcerer with the wand that chops
I can move real quick cause I will not stop
Even can try your best, but you won't achieve
When it comes to the mind tricks of us three
My wisdom's tough, the orbs affair
My energy from the passed one is here
I got the moon and the stars
Lined with the Earth so your journey far
So ease yourself, take it slow and let the voodoo take control
We'll keep you in a body tramp, eternity's what it will last
Once I blow some killa dust in your face you ain't comin' back
I told you that I'm crazy, with a soul of a warrior knight
I'm a 100 and 10 but I can't end a world with just one fucking strike

My beard long, white as snow
Shave every week, back it grow
Spells I know em, hex I throw em
I wear lich mask from a Mexico
I used to pump gas at Texico
I'm big like Biggie but I'm sexy though
I drink faygo, fuck pepsi coke
Me and you thumpin' and I'll stretch your throat
I got a magic wand and two crystal balls
For every princess within the walls
Of every castle on every land
My sorcerery skills are in demand
I hex, hoax, my joker jokes
With spells and curses, hokus pokus
Potions, voodoo blow the smoke
Can't pull the ropes, don't hold us folks
Mirror traping, green slime
I'm evil wizard with a mean rhyme
I scale the walk inbetween time
He said "well everything seem fine"
Poof, now you know the truth
There's the proof, don't lose a tooth
Three evil wizards, sorcerers
You don't like black magic? Morph with us
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Blaze Ya Dead Homie - 3 Evil Wizards
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