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Björk - Virus Songtext

Like a virus needs a body and soft tissue feeds on blood
Someday I'll find you, the urge is here, ohh-ohh
Like a mushroom on a tree trunk as a protein transmutates
I knock on your skin and I am in, ohh-ohh

The perfect match, you and me, I adapt, contagious
You open up, saying welcome

Like a flame that seeks explosives as gun powder needs a war
I feast inside you, my host is you, ohh-ohh

The perfect match, you and I, you fail to resist
My crystalline charm, you do

Like a virus, patient hunter
I'm waiting for you, I'm starving for you, ohh-ohh

My sweet adversary, ohh, my sweet adversary, ahh
My sweet adversary

Album Distant Light (2017)

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