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Lost for Now Songtext
von Bilal

Here comes another sunrise
Traveling on this road again
It's a story of a broken heart
Looking for an angel to come
A shooting star to light the way
I ve been moving alone
And driving for a while
Just lost for now
It s me alone on this ride
And in the day I don t mind
But I stay up, (I stay up)
It gets cold at night
I need somebody to hold

On my own
Some time being, start new
Feels like I got nothing
I got nothing left to do
I m riding out of town
Oh, this hoping, get in the way
Can you take all the pain away
Make this heart brand new, can ya
Teach me how to love again
Make everything alright
You got a smile that changes everything
Can you smile one time
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Bilal - Lost for Now
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