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Reminisce Songtext
von Bilal

[Mos Def]
Just when I think that I've forgot you
I hear that thug that we used to rock to
Just When I think I'm gettin' on without you
Somebody Passed and asked me about you

Was in the back of the cab the other day
Swear to God I saw you walking passed the other way
My heart rushed, my face flushed
Tell the driver hit the breaks slow the pace up
Wait up, It wasn't you
Realised it's a mirage I was running to
Damn, can the affects of Love and time
Cause the mind to trick the eye?
I wonder how you gettin' by
And all the stars still in your eyes
But you still just get the five
You break the bank to spend the time
I reminisce of shifting time, to when you was mine

Years ago, in a mist of hallways and sliding doors
Missing links of family very obscure
Vision of you shine
But only for a short time
My mistake I didn't pick up on it till years down the

Here now as I (reminisce) reminisce, will I ever see
Your face again?
Baby as I lay back (reminisce) will I ever see your
Face again.
As I reminisce (fect-ion)
As I reminisce (In-fect-ion)

[Bilal] (Common)
Hold still (uh)
The devine has placed us
In a small world (yes)
And thankfully so (Thank God)
Our paths cross once more
And to whose surprise but mine
Was 14th and 6th was the placed where we combine once
There at the front door of the cornor store you stood.

I reminisce Infection
As I lay back (reminisce) will I ever see our face
As I reminisce (In-fect-ion)
As I reminisce (In-fect-ion)

A happy story always ends
As it starts
But with few exceptions involved
We became an item
(Me For You)
Me for you and
(You For Me)
You for me
(Through Good Times and Bad Times)
Good times
(Sickness And Health)
Sickness and health
(Broke ass and richness)
Broke ass, and richness, baby we made it work

Yes Sir
Yo I reminisce over this chick
Colder than a soda
Princess a soldier
Raised in Islamic culture
Sexy as the girl on the Jamaica poster
Men are over seas where there really don't be no
Brought her on stage as Bilal sang "Soul Sista"
In body parts the blood was thicker
Sweet only tryna make sure it ain't the liquor
She was with a nigga come to find out
She and Sista backstage, conversation kissed her
Made me forget to remember that I pimp the dime
Put the pimpin' aside I see Kenya in her eye
Our connection lies in a life before
For us to meet again was devine law
So I can't describe how deep I dug her
Now only in memory can I hug her
I reminisce y'all

Oh my God
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Bilal - Reminisce
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