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AMEN Songtext

Mercy on me, baby
Have mercy on me
Mercy, mercy
Hurtin′ badly, I can see you're hurtin′ badly
Hurtin', hurtin', hey

Mercy on me, baby
Have mercy on me
(Mercy) mercy (mercy)
I see you hurtin′, see you, please, have mercy on me, oh-oh
(Mercy, mercy) oh-ooh-ooh

This house was built with blood and bones
And it crumbled, yes, it crumbled
The statues they made were beautiful
But they were lies of stone, they were lies of stone
Trumpets blare, with silent sound
I need to make you proud
Tell me, can you hear me now?

Mercy on me, mercy, have mercy on me
(Mercy) yeah (mercy) yeah
I can see you hurtin′, see you hurtin' badly
Can see you hurtin′, see you hurtin' (mercy, mercy)

Say a prayer for what has been
We′ll be the ones to purify our fathers' sins
American Requiem
Them old ideas (yeah), are buried here (yeah)
′Men (amen)
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Beyoncé - AMEN
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