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One, two, three, four
Ooh-wee-ooh (ah)

So sweet
I give you kisses in the backseat
I whisper secrets in the backbeat
You make me cry, you make me happy, happy (happy)
Leave my lipstick on the cigarette
Just toss it, and you stomp it out, out
Inhalin′ whiskey when you kiss my neck
We've been hurtin′, but it's happy hour, oh, hour
Oh, oh, oh

They couldn't have me
And they never will
And sometimes I hold you closer
Just to know you′re real
Wheels in the gravel
Davis in my bones
Sometimes I take a day off just to turn you on
On, on, oh

Honey, honey
I could be your bodyguard (hey)
Oh, honey, honey
I could be your Kevlar (huh)
Oh, honey, honey
I could be your lifeguard (hey)
Ooh, honey, honey
You should let me ride shotgun, shotgun
Oh, oh, oh

Be your best friend
I protect you in the mosh pit
And I′ll defend you in the gossip
You know how people like to start shit and pop shit
I don't like the way she′s lookin' at you
Someone better hold me back, oh-oh
Chargin′ ten for a double and I'm talkin′
I'm 'bout to lose it, turn around and John Wayne that ass (one, two, three, four)

They couldn′t catch you (with me)
And they never will (you see)
Sometimes I hold you closer
Just to know you′re real (ah-ah)
Tell me your problems (I got you)
I take how you feel (huh)
I show you an exit
When you're restless, I take the wheel
Oh, oh, oh

Honey, honey
You could be my bodyguard (huh)
Oh, honey, honey
Will you let me ride shotgun? Shotgun
Oh, oh, oh


I could be your bodyguard
Please let me be your Kevlar, huh
Baby, let me be your lifeguard
Would you let me ride a shotgun? Shotgun?
Oh, oh, oh
One, two, three, four
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