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Barry Manilow - New York City Rhythm Songtext

When my heart is torn apart
By love I wish I had,
Well, I spend my nights in the city's lights
And things don't seem so bad.
Ya know the movement seems to soothe me,
And the temp takes control,
And I lose my blues
When the Ne w York City rhythm fill my soul

It's the New York City rhythm
Runnin' thru' my life,
The pounding beat of the city streets
That keeps mydreams alive.
I'm lost, I'm found, I'm up, I'm down,
But somehow I survive.
It's got to be the New York City
Rhythm in my life,
It's got to be the New York City
Rhythm in my life, in my life.

When I'm out for love or sin,
Oh, it's good to be in town,
In the funky dives on the old west sid
There's always somethin' goin' down.
Oh yes , I live my life with strangers,
And the danger's always there,
But when I hit Broadway and it's time to play,
Ya know that I don't care

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