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Barry Manilow - I'm Your Man Songtext

Don't have to look no more
Here I am
I'm your man
I'm what you've waited for
Here I am
I'm your man

You always said you like the way that I loved you before
Get ready for me cause this time I'm gonna give you it all
I'm older and I'm wiser
You can bet I'm goin' to surprise ya
Oh, you know I am
I'm your man
I was good then but now I'm even better
Hey, look at me I've got it all together
Come on take my hand
I'm your man

I was afraid of love
So I ran
When I was your man

I couldn't give enough
But now I can
Oh, I'm your man

You always said that you saw something special in me
Now I'm the man you always dreamed I could be
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