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Barry Manilow - Brooklyn Blues Songtext

See I flew in from the West Coast
Just the other day.
Yes, I flew in from the West Coast
And we circled J.F.K.
The movie ended and I pulled up the shade,
Looked out the window while the Muzak played.
But in my head I'm singin',
Singin' the Brooklyn Blues.
Oh, yea.
When you're growin' up in Brooklyn
The Bridge is like a friend.
Said when you're growin' up in Brooklyn
That Bridge is sure your friend.
Because that river, looks a hundred miles wide
When all your dreams are on the other side,
And th at can start you singin'
Singin' the Brooklyn Blues.
Oh, yea.
Now I've got myself some money
A mansion in Bel-aire.
Yes I've spent a lot of money
And I"ve been most ev'ry-where.
But still there's somethin' missin' I"ve got to find,
A part of me I must've left behind,
That makes a guy start feelin',
Feelin' those Brooklyn Blues.
My my.
I've sung love songs to a princess
More than once or twice.
I"ve sung rock 'n' roll in Paris,
Jazz in paradise.
But there's a song of mine I couldn't have sung,
A tune I started back when I was young.
Now I've come home to finish,
Finish my Brooklyn Blues.
My Brooklyn Blues
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