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I can′t help but feel neglected
Changing up the schedule, your calendar refreshing
Time pass and we move on, nobody said shit
How I'm ′posed to act when my morals ain't respected?
How you 'posed to act when your feelings ain′t protected?
From cash and checks, just to get some neck and some necklaces
What′s next? More turbulence? Prayin' on this plane
Success, got a taste of it, never was the same

Trademark on that pussy, trademarking my brand-new bitch
Yeah, duh, hol′ up, blood, hol' up, cuh, hol′ up, sis, huh (Hol' up)
LLC the Glock and I LLC my bitch, huh (LLC)
Pass me the rock, I go crazy on my kicks, huh
Had to tell my grandma, "Sit back, relax, and shit," huh (Make nigga)
Make nigga buy her house and car, she′s off the list, huh
Fake nigga, talkin' 'bout he rich but barely is, huh
Eight figures, jumpin′ off the stage into the kids, huh (Yeah)
Single out the shooter, take the shooter to the blitz, huh (Yeah)
Drop it out of school, dropped deposit on their crib, huh (Yeah)
Pipin′ down on Instagram, I only post my bitch, huh
I don't need your import, get your two cents off my pic′, huh
Generation money, type of money dyin' rich
And I wanna say, "Shoutout to the dead, now I flex," woah

Shoutout to the dead, to the dead, to the dead, huh
Shoutout to the dead, to the dead, to the dead, huh (Let′s go)
Shoutout to the dead, to the dead, to the dead, huh (Let's go)
Shoutout to the dead, to the dead, to the dead, huh (One)

I′m sick of you niggas not taking no risks
I'm taking avenge and taking my course (Kill 'em)
I cannot compete with the mud in my system
My tolerance low, I don′t tolerate force
I protect, I am the one
I rose and fold the score
I gotta let my ego go
You niggas not ready to settle the war (Yeah)
You niggas not ready to stop bein′ hoes
You niggas not ready to open the doors
You niggas run in, take off with the jewelry
You niggas not really the richest on Forbes
You niggas not ready to deal with the sacrifices
And instead, you're passin′ the torch
Check the surveillance camera at the cemetery
See me dancin' on all of your corpses, go

You couldn′t have love,
You couldn't have love

Ayy, big .38, got pulled over twice
Had to go and switch plates
Bitch, don′t think shit sweet
I'm the same Baby Keem in forty-eight states
I play charades with the bank
Just net ten million, now I'm back with the Wraith
And I′m goin′ home with the loot
Mama goin' home with a coupe

I′m a hot girl
A hot girl
I'm a hot girl (Make me lose my mind)
A hot girl

I took the light then hopped on the flight
I cannot look towards your jaded advice
I took the torch, I quit being nice
I took the torch, now I gotta fight
Your niggas impulsive, quick to make moves
You′re biting your flows, a big appetite
I look at the hoes, they not into shows
I look at your shows, they opera white
You gotta be nimble and quick like a fox
I don't move in silence, this shit is abrupt
I′m VVS'd up, precise in the cut
This shit getting nice, it's not about me
As long as you good, don′t worry ′bout me
I'm telling my friends that you not a freak
My new Nia Long is cappin′ is strong
And she not afraid to get on with me
I'm back at the crib, my memory deep
I think about mama, I′m Baby Hykeem
She got that tatted before I could read
I'm spiritual now, I pray in my sleep
Twenty years long, I never had dad
My dad was a fraud, I had to be tough
Twenty million, ho, that′s not enough
Don't ask no questions, bitch, go add it up
I took the light to sacrifice
I sacrificed everything I need
I could probably fuck these bitches in my sleep
Young nigga know the hustle and the peace
Stressing 'bout money turnin′ to other things
I was in uncle crib at fourteen
Can′t get through to mama 'cause she′d rather drink
Facin' the vision ′bout a thirteen

I was fifteen, I was sixteen
I was fifteen, I was sixteen
I was fifteen, I was sixteen
I was fifteen, I was sixteen

I'm a hot girl
A hot girl
I′m a hot girl (Make me lose my mind)
A hot girl
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