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Family ties Songtext

Jump in that (hah, hah)
Summon that bitch
Jump in that (hah, hah)
Jump in that fya (hah)
Jump in that bitch
Hittin′ that fya
Jumpin' out whip
Thumbin′ that bitch
Cum in that bitch (ho)
Drummin' that (hah, hah)
Drummin' that bitch!

Choppa doin′ circles, it′s a bird, bird
Take him to the potty, he's a nerd
Pop out, I seen niggas hittin′ corners in the motherfuckin' ′burbs
Pop out, done politickin' with the competition, what′s the word?
Put that on my mama, nigga, eight in the process
Nigga tryna tippy-toe through the progress
Tongue-tied when the truth is an object
What's the pros and the cons of this next check?

Weren't nobody ′round, I was independent
In the 90s sippin′ bum with the windows tinted
Heard a bum got a strap in the party
Who the fuck let this - in the party?

Beat 'em up, beat ′em up
Beat 'em up (ayy), beat ′em up
I was seeing double in the projects
Mad at myself, learned to put it to the side
Mama had to cater for the coupe
That we rode after school on the way to Popeyes
And niggas wanna play both sides
This a red dot, don't get on the wrong red eye
It′s a headshot, Damien Kane, Woo them guys
Fuck around and bury two of them guys
I'm OD in Paris, I'm OD in France

I thought that I told you, "I need the advance"
Put down yo′ IG and look through my lens
A million, to grandma: who did I offend?
The girl of your dreams, to me, is a fan
I netted ten million and did a lil′ dance
I'm fuckin′ the world, I unzip my pants
My uncle G told me that I had a chance

So then I popped out and did it again
And did it again, and did it again
I cannot respect him, where did he begin?
Advice from the council, "Let nobody in"
Been swervin' through rumors
Avoiding the trends and duckin′ the ho's

I′m duckin' the looney that come with the shows
I'm grateful to Man-Man, he opened up do′s
And bung′ on the tour bus to come and compose
I reach to the stars on my tippy-toes
This greatest success where most niggas fold
I'll tell you my past, that shit don′t get old
But how could you ask like I don't be writing my raps?
The critics got everyone tapped
You gotta relax
The city where nobody sleep
Just tap in and ask where I′m at, ho!

Smokin' on yo′ top five tonight, huh, tonight, you know
I'm smokin' on yo′ what′s-yo'-name tonight, woo, tonight
Smokin′ on you, shores ain't two-nine, yeah, two

I am the omega
PgLang, Rollie gang, SIE
Don′t you address me unless it's with fo′ letters
I thought you known better
I been duckin' the pandemic
I been- social gimmicks
I been duckin' the overnight activist, yeah
I′m not a trending topic, I′m a-

("Hold on, y'all niggas playin′ wit' me, man")

I am the omega
PgLang, Rollie gang, SIE
Don′t you address me unless it's with fo′ letters
Bitch, I thought you known better
I been duckin' the pandemic
I been duckin' the social gimmicks
I been duckin′ the overnight activist, yeah
I′m not a trending topic, I'm a prophet
I answer to Metatron and Gabriel

Bitch, lookin′ for a better me
I am a legacy, I come from the '70
The Al Green offspring, guns in the melody
The big shot; wrist on cyrotherapy

Soon as I press that button
Nigga better get right like the ambulance′s comin'
Us two on a light, Keem, been through nothin′
Dave Free got at least one B in the oven
I'm trippin', I′m juugin, my mental is

Amazing, brother
Pop off? Only on occasion, brother
Rich nigga, momma know I made it, brother
Go figure; never caught cases, brother
Face it, brother, gracious brother
New flows coming, be patient, brother
Show my ass and take y′all to class
I can multitask like Megan, brother!

2021, I ain't takin′ no prisoner
Last year, y'all fucked up all the listener′
Who went platinum? I call that a visitor
Who the fuck backin' ′em? All been falsified
The facts mean this a vaccine, and the game need me to survive
The Elohim, the rebirth
Before you get to the Father, you gotta holla at me first, bitch!

Smokin' on top fives
Motherfuck that album, fuck that single, burn that hard drive (burn that shit)
Ain't nobody safe, when I come up, killin′ everybody that′s outside (who you wit'?)
Yeah, Kanye changed his life
But me, I′m still an old school Gemini (little bitch)

Let me jump in this bitch

Let me jump in this bitch
Two phones, but I only bring one in this bitch
One daughter, but they all my sons in this bitch
No ho's, ain′t shit gettin' done in this bitch
I′m scary, I got a gun in this bitch
Smokin' on top fives, stop playin', I′m that guy
Number two DM′ing my bitch
That's cool, I don′t ask why
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