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Fighting for Hell Songtext

Crush all the sons of christ
With our fierce and invincible might
Ah, this lovely sight I have waited for
Master of storms marching to battle
Creator of evil fighting for hell
Storming through the weak armies of god
Soon the fields are all covered in blood
Christian blood
Violent hailstorms
Axes through flesh
No fucking angels left alive
And in the nightsky a scream of pain
Alas, your god has died
Sarah Engels: Unfall im Spa!
Vor 20 Stunden
Sarah Engels: Unfall im Spa!
Nazan Eckes: „Ich fühle mich da auch mit gekränkt“
Vor 2 Tagen
Nazan Eckes: „Ich fühle mich da auch mit gekränkt“

Album Black Thrash Attack (1997)

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Aura Noir - Fighting for Hell
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