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Conqueror Songtext

So you've come for your vengeance
Hear - I think the crowd is silent
Of me you have dreamt
I have grown (I built my domain on your hate)
Mock your words
I will laugh in disrespect
Then wash my hands in your blood
A face of fright you revealed to me
With which I painted my eyes
Delight me with death for this tires my soul
And soon eyes of black shall arise...
Hear crowd - my heart
The delicate thunder
Billie Eilish: Hochstapler-Syndrom
Vor 2 Tagen
Billie Eilish: Hochstapler-Syndrom
Jessica Paszka: Zu viel des Guten
Vor 2 Tagen
Jessica Paszka: Zu viel des Guten

Album Black Thrash Attack (1997)

Aura Noir
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Aura Noir - Conqueror
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