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The Damned Don't Cry Lyrics


Apoptygma Berzerk - The Damned Don't Cry Songtext

Travelling with no destination,no place to go
Nameless towns with faceless people,no place I know
Time to close my mind and drift off to other scenes
Lose myself in glossy pages dull magazines
Moments pass by oh so slowly,makes me lonely too
Twisting streetlights in the darkness,makes me lonely too

No,the damned don't cry-no the damned don't cry

Curling smoke climbs upward slowly past my troubling face
I see myself in rainsoaked windows in a different place
Single heartbeats in the dimlights makes me lonely too
Hearing sounds of celebrations makes me lonely too

No,the damned don't cry-no,the damned don't cry
No,the damned don't cry,damned don't cry,damned don't cry,...
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