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I Believe Songtext

He was a prisoner in a place
Where a soul had no worth
A prisoner in a place described
As 'hell on earth'
Where hope had died six million times
He still heard the call
He took the chance and quietly
Wrote his faith on the wall
"I believe in the sun
Even when the sun's not shining
I believe in love even when love's not shown
I believe in God even when God is silent
I believe, I believe!"
Slowly the scene has changed
We see another man full of joys
Running like the wind
And playing with his boys
Suddenly his body breaks
And he inherits pain, but he cries out
"in God I trust, I believe in Him all the same!"
Are you a prisoner to some hurt
A captive to some pain?
Betrayed by some cruel dream
And driven by the rain?
Does a flicker of hope remain?
Can you still hear the call?
Take this chance, raise your voice
Shout your faith above the wall!
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Album More Than a Little (1997)

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Anja Lehmann - I Believe
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