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Wide Open Songtext

Wide Open

When I first saw you there was a light in your eyes
But it was starting to go out
I thought well, he's just like me
Spirit cracked but not broken

I wondered if we could help each other heal
Return to our places before the fall
When we were wide open

So we started to talk for hours and hours
About everything that had come before
We didn't know where we were going
We just learned to trust our feelings more and more

There were times when we were scared
There were times of great pain
But we pushed through to wide open
We pushed through to stay wide open

Do you remember the first time you cried in my arms
You said you felt completely seen
Do you remember my darkest time
You held me close and said I love you

I look at you now with such strong light in your eyes
It radiates
We've gone through so much to reach this place
Part of me wants to stay here forever

But you have everything you need, my love
To live as you have always dreamed
You hid it safely long ago in your heart
Waiting for our time of rediscovery

So look inside now through these lenses we've made
With your feelings as guides return to that old room
Go inside and face whatever you find
Then let it go as it dissolves
And you'll be wide open
Finally wide open
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Yeliz Koc ist immer noch Single
Amy Jane - Wide Open
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