Don't Follow Me Lyrics


Alison Krauss - Don't Follow Me Songtext

When I step on board that big jet plane
I'll be leaving our love behind
I hope its wings will carry me somewhere
I can mend this heart of mine

So don't follow me, don't follow me
I'm bound to a place I can't recall
I feel the big jet slice through midnight skies
I'll search for the answers alone
And wait for the time to go home

Hear the wind outside, blowin' loud & strong
Hear the mighty engines moan
I'll be far from here when the sun comes up
And a love that has grown ???


I feel the wheels touch down as I awake from a dream I left with you
I hope a better day will find us soon
The love that we thought to be true

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Album Too Late to Cry (1987)

Alison Krauss
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